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Fresh horses

You have come a long way

And everything is changed

How different the world is

Made with love this morning

You have new armour now

And fresh horses too

Don’t hesitate if the road looks familiar

Press on, press on

There is still far to go


The magicians

Dark shadows stain the still grey day

a cloud of birds pass from tree to tree

calls like water


Walk into that cloud

and you will find they weave time

strands trailing from beaks

tangled in shady wings

and you are



in a silvered web

and the world spins around you


I found a little ghost
caught in a rose bush
tangled on cruel thorns
I gently freed it
and took it in
fed it milk
and bathed its wounds
sad black holes in foggy whiteness
it was healed
it flew away – it would not stay-
a small cloud growing smaller
in a blue sky

Five years later

Weeding my garden
I think of you
and how things didn’t go to plan
how you never did visit
as you were healing
to sit amidst the herbs and roses
and how I never heard
your soft words
rising in the sunshine
to rest in the green leaves
and the scent of rosemary

And now
here we are
after the tears
the candles lit
the years burned away
and everything was changed then
yet the world ticks on
like a manic clock
just the same 


all I have learnt

has come from this

this one arrow to the heart

this one deadly dart

a broken vessel now

with a hole in my chest

the wind blows through my bones

and the world

the world

it rushes in

sweet and beautiful

and sad as sin

and I can bear it

I think